Mountain View

Arcadia Publishing, 2006 - 128 pages
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Mountain View earned its name for its scenic vantage point

between the Santa Cruz and Diablo ranges. Founded as a stagecoach stop along the El Camino Real in 1852, Mountain View became a diverse and bountiful agricultural community in the "Valley of Heart's Delight." During the depths of the Depression, Bay Area citizens raised almost half a million dollars to purchase land north of town that was offered to the navy. The gamble paid off with the opening of Moffett Naval Air Station in 1933, inaugurating Mountain View's turn toward commercial and residential development. It was in an old apricot storage barn on San Antonio Road that William Shockley founded the first silicon manufacturing company in 1956, making it the true birthplace of the "Silicon Valley."

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El Camino Real
Downtown and Old Mountain View
The North Bayshore District and Moffett Field
Around Town
Coming Together
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City planner and Mountain View native Nicholas Perry, author of Images of America: Mountain View, and local photographer Kimberly Chan have combined contemporary photographs with archival images from the Mountain View Historical Association, Mountain View Public Library, and other sources to reveal Mountain View's evolution from stagecoaches to startups.

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