Porn and a Pastor: The Influence of Porn on a Gen Xer

Tate Publishing, 2010 - 113 pages
Born in the San Fernando Valley, author Beau James Ouellette was surrounded by porn and its effects. From friends to family members, his childhood was saturated with the ideas and lingo of porn culture. Porn and a Pastor is the fact-based assessment of the pornographic industry and its effects on individuals and our culture. Porn and a Pastor extends a loving hand to those in need, both to those involved and entrapped in the lifestyle of the industry and to those who are addicted to its product. With a heart for both the believer and the non-believer, Beau James Ouellette unequivocally expresses how Christ's love and sacrifice can overcome any obstacle, even the bondage of pornographic addiction. If knowledge is power, and if the truth will set us free, then Beau's book is precisely the tool that the church needs to be free of the porn industry's devastation. The church simply needs to come to the realization that salvation in Christ is more pleasurable than porn.

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Why Wont It Go Away?
San Fernando and Beyond 13 A Way That Seems Right
The Christian Community
Reaching the New World 33 Conclusion
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