The Business of Higher Education: The American University and its Banking Function

Routledge, 9 oct. 2018 - 172 pages

Originally published in 1995, The Business of Higher Education focuses on innovation in student financial services. It looks at the area of banking function as a tool for colleges and universities, and how this can be used to meet the market demand for new services. It also addresses how this can be used to balance the financial aid budget. The book documents just how much each colleges and universities have changed over the last decade and how each has changed given that market forces increasingly shape institutional aspirations.


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List of Tables
Models of Student Price Sensitivity
Results from Three Schools
3a Differences in Yield Percentage PUC Nonresidents 54
4a Average Total Aid for PMU by Quintile 61
5a Average Amount of Self Help for PMU by Quintile 65
6a Average Proportion of Total Aid Award that is Self Help for PMU by Quintile
Banking Functions
The Academic Bank at
Chapter 6

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